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Meet the Boys in the Band

Pete Clarke
Dave Freeman

Pete Clarke – Rhythm Guitar, vocals
Pete grew up in Milton, Florida, when not traveling to foreign places such as Germany, France and Alabama as a military brat. He started "playing" guitar during his sophomore year at Boone High School. After one ill-fated attempt to play in a high school band, life as a professional surfer seemed more attractive.

While in France, Pete listened to BBC radio and became a fan of English rock bands such as the Beatles and Stones. His favorite band is the Moody Blues.

As the rhythm guitar player for the Low Bid Band, Pete is eternally grateful that he can continue to work his day job.

Dave Freeman – Harmonica, mandolin, percussion, vocals
Dave was born in Alabama but grew up in Orlando. He went to Valencia Junior College and Florida Technological University before joining the Orlando Fire Department in 1973. He retired from the OFD in 1994 to manage the Emergency Medical Services office for Orange County. He later managed the office of Emergency Management for Orange County. He retired from the county in early 2016.  Dave is currently the Executive Director of the Central Florida Disaster Medical Coalition, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to coordinating disaster medical planning and response for the 9 county east central Florida Regional Domestic Security Taskforce.

Dave’s family was very musical. He sang in the church choir and was a member of a barbershop quartet. Dave’s dad was the choir director at church, sang in a gospel quartet and was a jazz trumpet player. He taught Dave to play trumpet, guitar and harmonica. Dave grew up on gospel, big band, jazz, blues, country and rock and roll. He played trumpet in high school and college.

After joining Orange County, Dave hooked up with Pete and Mike to accompany the children at Great Oaks Village for their Christmas caroling. At first, they were called the “No Name Band,” or “the Pete Clarke 5.” Later they adopted the current name “The LOW BID BAND” and the rest is history!

Mike Robinson – Lead Guitar,
lead vocals
Mike grew up in a musical family.  His mother played piano, doing everything from classical selections to rock and country songs and Mike took an early interest in music.  Both of Mike's sons and his two brothers are musicians.  He taught himself to play bass as a teenager and used reward money for finding a lost diamond ring to buy his first bass just days before his first gig at a neighborhood party.  Early influences included everything from the Rolling Stones and Credence Clearwater Revival to Otis Redding and 1960's soul and blues.  

Mike played in several bands playing local gigs in high school and college but took a long hiatus from playing live until co-founding the Low Bid Band in 2003.  By then he had switched from bass to guitar and vocals and had become interested in song writing.  He had several original songs recorded by groups in the Seattle area and one song, Rain on the Highway, was released by a small label.

Mike prefers Gibson guitars (Les Paul, SG and ES-335) which he plays through a 1972 Music Man amp.  His favorite musicians are Neal Young, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Steely Dan.

Mike has had a long and rewarding career in social services and presently works with Orange County Family Services Department.

John Geiger – Drums, vocals
John grew up in Ohio where his drumming foundation was built, however, he has spent most of his life in central Florida. John says drumming fuels the creative side of his life. John took drum lessons starting in the sixth grade and has enjoyed membership in various rock and roll bands ever since. He enjoys playing a set of Gretsch drums with Zildjian cymbals and Gibraltar hardware. In addition to classic rock, John enjoys listening to smooth jazz.

John served as Peace Corps Volunteer in Central America. He is a licensed professional engineer with a master’s degree in environmental engineering. John enjoys protecting the natural resources of central Florida through employment with the Orange County Environmental Protection Division.

Dennis Ward - Keyboards,
lead vocals
Dennis inherited his brother’s accordion at age 6 and took lessons into high school when he traded the accordion for a portable organ to play keyboard in a rock and roll band. Back in the early sixties he was influenced by many R&B artists, the Beach Boys and, of course the invasion from across the sea. During his formative years, he also sang in the church choir and continued singing in all the bands he has played in since.

Dennis reached moderate success in his college years when a group he was in at the time was signed to a recording contract and played a number of gigs in the South Florida area. When “overnight success” didn’t pan out, he did what everyone else has done and got a day job. For a while, music became a hobby and form of relaxation.

He recently joined the “reformed” LOW BID BAND and has added a dimension musically and vocally that has rounded out the sound. His primary influences today are Billy Joel, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Eric Clapton.

Roy Reynolds, Bass, Vocals

Roy was born in South Georgia but moved to Pennsylvania when he was seven.

After seeing the Beatles on TV, he immediately started saving his paper route money to buy a guitar. He played with local bands around the Pittsburgh area through high school.

When the bass player quit his band 2 weeks before a New Year’s Eve gig, he agreed to cover bass for one night. To his surprise, he loved playing bass.

After graduating from Slippery Rock State College, he worked as a full-time musician with mixed results. When he came to Florida to work on an album he discovered that warm weather was way better than snow. He relocated to Orlando where he worked as a building contractor for the DOD while he earned his Masters Degree in Special Education at UCF.

For the next several years he played in local bands at night and taught school during the day. His influences began to expand from classic rock to include blues and country.

Through a friend he was introduced to The Low Bid Band and quickly became a fan of their music and their talent. When he heard that they had an opening, he asked to join the band. He felt like he was home at last, in a group that was ready to rock.

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